Feedback is Coming In!

Y’all, I’m super excited at the feedback that’s coming in on the first 8 chapters of my full-length romantic comedy. I wanted to share the first third of the story with select fans who had the time to read it and give me constructive feedback on what they thought. Of course, alpha readers are always going to find typos and miscellaneous mistakes…so there are plenty of those. The characters, the elements of the story, and the pacing are always what I want to hear more about. Did you like them? What did you like most? Was the pacing ok? My first group of alpha readers is delivering strong feedback and I’m happy to share some of it with you.

General Feedback

“You could not change a single thing, and it’s already amazing.”

“I loved this. I cannot wait to

“I LOVED it and I can’t wait to see where this relationship goes!”

When you get to the end of a chapter do you want to keep going?

“Yes, for sure. I was reading it just before going to sleep each night, and I fought closing my eyes each night.” 

“I was pulled In! I could not put it down, I just needed to know what would happen to Zach and Marina next.” 

Were the romantic moments swoony?

“Loved the last few pages as they connect for their first kiss. Very swoon-y!”

“They are very sweet. Zach has game but seems genuine.”

“Love the way you have written the romance it’s funny, yet with a twist of real life thrown in.”

Does the story flow well? How is the pacing?

“I think the story flows well from chapter to chapter. I read the whole thing in one sitting!”

It’s sounding pretty good! I’ve received some great constructive feedback on miscellaneous things like my two main characters stand up TWICE in the opening chapter. LOL. There are weird things that need to be tweaked because they’re confusing or can be described better. Overall, I’m very happy with the feedback.

As of right now, I’m writing chapter 10 and should have Act II of the book done sometime in July….at which time I’ll be asking my newsletter subscribers to sign up to read Act I and Act II for feedback. Not subscribed yet? What are you waiting for? You can sign up here. My subscribers always get the info on everything first. 🙂