Now Available for Pre-Order!

I’m super excited to share with you that my novella “Arrivals & Departures” is ready for pre-order on Kindle! The Kindle version will launch on March 28th, which would have been my Dad’s birthday. Since he would have been super proud that I’m publishing something, I thought that was the perfect date.

The paperback version is actually available now, as it takes time for shipping if you don’t have Amazon Prime and I want you to be able to have it before March 28th. 🙂

You can grab it on Amazon at this link.

Thanks so much for your support, everyone…it means the world to me. Please be sure to leave a review on Amazon and Good Reads. ♥

One thought on “Now Available for Pre-Order!

  1. I am so excited!!! I am ordered a copy and am so excited to read it. I am very proud of you my dear friend ❤

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